Paste 2

Clipboard history & snippets manager for Mac

Paste 2

Clipboard history & snippets manager for Mac

Paste is a new way to copy and paste for Mac. It keeps everything you've ever copied in an organized way and lets you to use your clipboard history anytime you need it again.

Paste recognizes and stores text, images, links, files and any other type of content and generates informative previews for easy browsing.Paste 2 is an awesome update and a major boost for productivity. Fresh new visual style, revised user interface, pinboards and other great new features.

Update: All redeem codes have been given away.

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to launch Paste 2 Beta and we're looking forward for your feedback!

Sign up to request an invitation code, we have some free slots ;)
I have been using Clipboard Manager for a year now, it's good (the solution is good) but the app is 1999 style and does not work well with search, formatting and pictures...

this is nicely done from the website, curious if you can deiver, but as you already made Paste 1.0, and 6,99 seems like a good price.
Looks awesome! Didn't know there was a Paste 1.

Is there a way to control Paste from within Alfred? I'd love combination of Alfred controls and the Paste UI, as Alfred's clipboard is cumbersome when you've got a long history of text clippings like me.
@paul_matthijs thanks! Currently there is no integration, but it's on our roadmap :)
Nice, I've been using Alfredapp's build in Clipboard manager but this looks way cooler, love to try it!
Stunning! Design makes it look like it could be a system service for OS X.
This is brilliant. My left thumb is virtually glued to my cmd button, always pasting stuff so this is super-handy. Is there a way to support 'post without format'?

My stupid brain can never remember the shortcut for that so I paste into sublime text to strip formatting and copy paste again.

Am I weird?
@MarcEglon Thanks! There are 2 ways to paste without formatting: hold SHIFT (can be changed in prefs) while pasting or turn on "Copy text as Plain Text" in Preferences -> Rules to never copy formatting.
Alfred has a feature that lets you copy something to the same snippet. So let's say I want to create a list of all the names of people commenting here (so I can send them a redeem code), I can use a special shortcut that appends every copied selection to the same snippet and I'd end up with one list of names, rather than multiple snippets.

Is something similar possible with Paste 2?
@marckohlbrugge currently not, but you can select and paste multiple snippets at once.

The main idea of Paste is simplicity, but different "pro" features are added little by little.
@stel2k Selecting and copying multiple snippets does the trick. Nice!
@marckohlbrugge selecting and drag&drop also works ;)
Omg, it's so simple but I LOVE the audio feedback :)
@Milann Cool! I've spent about 2 days experimenting to make that sound informative and not annoying =)
Looks great!!! I really need help managing my copied items. This app looks like it will definitely solve my problems!
Love the design. Wish I could get a code to try it out.
Looks good. Can it replace Yoink? If yes, it would be awesome :D
This might be exactly what I'm looking for!
As a bonus: Any chance of clipboard-sharing between desktops/teams in a future update?
@WendelFelius I'm working on sync between desktops and iOS version right now, sharing is also interesting, but currently there are a lot of work :)
Would love cross device cross platform syncing of clips, also ability to keep/clear formatting with easy key combo. Ability to easily determine queue size and content types/
@yjp working on sync :) As for keep/clear formatting – hold a Shift key while pasting to strip formatting or enable "Copy text as Plain Text" in Preferences -> Rules to never copy formatting.

To quickly sort by content type just type it in search: "Link Safary foobar" will find all links copied from Safari that contains foobar.
Thanks everyone for your comments/questions/feedback. Everyone should have received a code.

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