All-in-one bookmark manager


All-in-one bookmark manager

Marqly is an all-in-one bookmark manager. Meet Marqly, Manage your bookmarks like a pro. Easy-to-use, Marqly lets you save, customize and manage all your bookmarks and texts online like a breeze.Don’t let the good stuff escape from your eyes! Save them and come back anytime you want to. Simple to use, easy to manage, and secure way to save bookmarks and texts online.

Marqly lets you: • Save and Edit Websites easily • Add tags to bookmarks so it's easier to filter and search • Add bookmarks to different boards • Build and customize your boards • Advanced search with options to search by date, url, type, website content

I've seen various bookmark managers and this one interests me more than most and I'll give it a go, and upgrade if I like it.

I've got around 2,000 bookmarks in Chrome and would like to know if they can all be imported with folder structure being maintained?

Does this service support identifying bookmarks that are invalid or redirecting
to a 404 page?

Can I access bookmarks from the bookmarks bar in each browser?

Hopefully with more development time, the answer to these questions will be yes, if not already.
@ianmayman Hi Ian, Thanks for reaching out. We have launched in beta version for now and we are working hard on fixing bugs and adding more features.

For now the app doesn't support import/export bookmarks from third-party apps. But this is something coming in the future releases.

For now we actually have a basic bookmark identification for websites that don't work/exist anymore, we show a message for that in the preview view.

The extension for now works for Chrome, Edge and Brave. Soon for other browsers too.

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