Investor Scout

A database of 45k+ investors to raise your seed round 🤑

Investor Scout

A database of 45k+ investors to raise your seed round 🤑

Investor Scout is a categorized database of 45k+ angel investors and venture capitalists. The database includes emails, phone numbers, social media profiles, past investments, locations, and more!

50% off lifetime discount code for early adopters: EARLYADOPTERS 🙂

Hey guys! 👋

Investor Scout is a categorized database of over 45,000 angel investors and venture capitalists.

Finding the right investors to pitch your startup to––then finding the best way to reach out to them directly––is a nightmare. The data is spread out all over the internet, down the google rabbit hole, Twitter, LinkedIn, and AngelList.

Research can take hundreds of hours on its own, not even counting the time it takes to actually reach out to investors, go through initial screens, get meetings, and finally close a round.

Last year we launched an MVP of this product and it was obvious to us that we hit on a strong need, so we’ve been working hard on improving everything about it.

Since then, almost 200 companies like Rip Van Wafels and The Family have used Investor Hunt. We’ve completely revamped the UI, updated our dataset (we’re also halfway through another massive dataset update that we’ll be launching this year), and built out a more sophisticated system for saving investors & exporting their contact info.

Investors are categorized by what they’re likely to invest in next (based on their interests and what they’ve already invested in). The dataset includes emails (almost 30k), phone numbers, investor tags, past investments, the company they work for, and social media profiles.

Investor Scout plans start at $69/mo, but we’ve made a special 50% off forever lifetime discount code for early adopters on BetaList: ‘EARLYADOPTERS’. This code expires this week. 🙂

We’d love feedback––thanks for reading this 🙏

- Matt & Aaron
How often is the database updated? Also, I have an idea I'd like to share on how we can make your database even more usable. Please send me a note at [email protected]
@automateIQ We're making updates this about everyday in response to feedback from users and investors. Will send you an email
@msh_nyc I think my question is more around stale data and perhaps if the investors don't want to be contacted directly? Have you had feedback from the investment groups/individuals?
How do I unsubscribe? I see no option in the dashboard to unsubscribe!
"If you do what you need, you're surviving. If you do what you want, you're living." #quote #wisdom #success #leadership - Anonymous
Just tried signing up with the discount code: EARLYADOPTERS 🙂 and it stated invalid code.
Sorry, used discount code: EARLYADOPTERS no emoji. Still says invalid code. It's Aug 23rd, am I too late?
@sdsociofit Hi! The code works actually, just launched our 2.0 –– make sure to use 'EARLYADOPTERS' no emoji, no spaces, all caps, no apostrophes and it will work (just confirmed). Feel free to email me at [email protected] or through our live chat on https://investorscout.co if you still have trouble!

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