Understanding your finances shouldn't be hard, Grow with more confidence


Understanding your finances shouldn't be hard, Grow with more confidence

*Flowyse *, Analyse, Simulate & Plan. Make smarter financial decisions. Understanding your finances shouldn't be hard. Grow your business with more confidence with Flowyse.

Thank you for featuring us guys! To introduce myself quickly, my name is Dan Siepen and I’m the co-founder of flowyse.

We want to help give business owners the power to manage their finances better and not be part of the 60%+ businesses who close down due to cashflow issues. We’re also passionate about growth and we see this tool helping businesses grow.

You might be thinking, “pretty sure there are many tools out there which sound similar to this”.

The simple answer to this is, yes. However, our new tool flowyse really will make it easier and simpler for business owners to use frequently as their source of understanding their numbers, create scenarios and be guided with financial confidence of what they can do to help take their business to the next level.

Really keen to hear feedback from anyone who sees this :)

Kind regards,
I'm extremely excited to see how this product will turn out. It definitely sounds like a product that will be beneficial to a lot of businesses, solve their problems and make lives easier. It's really important in all businesses to use the most efficient tools that are beneficial, easy to use and of course, save time. We all deal with numbers on a daily basis, and numbers can get really complicated. Having a tool/system to organise all the data we work with, as well as follow guidelines provided to help understand the data is definitely something that I'll be interested in using. Not just me, but I'm sure tons of businesses will appreciate this. I'm keen to see Flowyse launch and to also be able to utilise all the functions associated with the tool!
Oh, this looks awesome, really pumped to see what comes out of it! Subscribed and super keen to try out Flowyse.
Impressive! Looks like a smart, easy and efficient way to track and predict future cash flow. It has some serious potential. Looking forward to it's launch.
Best of luck to the team!

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