Email addresses for testing


Email addresses for testing

Dimamo provides email addresses and forwards them to your favorite mailbox. Have you ever had to create email addresses for testing or for trying out integrations? Did you find it extremely inconvenient to keep creating email addresses on gmail, yahoo, outlook/live etc., requiring details such as recovery email, mobile number, 2FA each time? No worries, Dimamo solves that problem for you.

Dimamo allows you to create multiple email addresses within seconds. You can have them forwarded to your favorite mailbox so that you don't have to keep logging in to different inboxes to check new emails. Dimamo is free to use while in the Early Preview mode.

This app is about a clean as you're going to find on the internet. One screen to understand the value and then sign-up. The 'dashboard' is also very clean, quick to setup and get into using the solution. Works. @dipbhi , well done.
@ricksegal thank you so much. I wanted to present just what it does without any other complexity for the user or a need to look for any help.

It was created to solve a problem I was facing of creating different email addresses. I hope you would find it useful too. Thanks again.
Congratulations on your launch here on Betalist! Looks like it solves a practical problem.
@vital_tech_ thank you so much for taking a look and your feedback.
Yet another Mailtrap competitor, cool!
@goodniceweb Thanks for the xomment. Dimamo solvea different problem.

Mailtrap is more like an outbound email testing tool, which stops emails from going to a real email address.

Dimamo allows creating different inbound email addresses you need, which gets forwarded to your existing email address.
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