Modern productivity timer


Modern productivity timer

AnotherPomodoro is an open-source, modern and customizable productivity (and Pomodoro) timer app that runs in the browser. It provides a clean and focused interface, multiple timer styles, an integrated to-do list and an extensive list of customizations that allow creating both minimal and full-fledged experiences. It is a web app first and foremost, but as a Progressive Web App (PWA) it can be installed on both desktops and mobile devices.

Hi everyone! 👋

I wanted to share with you a project I've started working on during the lock-down, made to help myself stay focused. AnotherPomodoro is a productivity timer app that follows the Pomodoro technique: you work and then take a break. Every few pauses will be longer, so you can go for a walk or do something else. Since this is a web app, it requires nothing from you besides the effort of opening it.

This is my first larger-scale open-source project, and it is MIT licensed. I thoroughly enjoyed working on it and have learnt a lot while doing so. I'm really happy that I can finally show it to a larger audience.

You'll find everything in the app to keep going: the stylish and distraction-free full-screen view, different styles of timers (depending on how accurate you like it to be), a schedule view, a to-do list that only shows your top relevant tasks, dark mode, audio and notification support and much more. Above everything is the ability to customize the app as you see fit. If you like to see everything in front of you, go for the classic timer and enable everything. If you feel that the ticking seconds distract you, use the percentage timer. The coloured progress bar (that you can also turn off) will show the type of your next session, too.

I'm really proud of this app, and I hope you'll find yourself accomplishing more with it.

I'd be happy to hear what you think of this app, how it has helped you or what feature you think would help you be more productive. Don't forget to check out the GitHub repository if you're interested in the source code or the latest developments: https://github.com/Hanziness/AnotherPomodoro

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Here are some of its key features:

A colourful yet minimal full-screen view without distractions. It's nothing more but a colourful background with your schedule, a timer and a to-do list on top. Oh, and the settings icon in the corner 👀

Set the length of timers, the frequency of long pauses, change how precise your timer is and enable or disable any of the included features. Everything is optional. The settings are divided into three tabs to help you quickly find what you're looking for. The app remembers your settings, too! No registration, log-in or anything needed.

The to-do list will only show your top relevant tasks while working, and it can also remove your completed tasks at the end of each session. The app will remember these, too, so you don't have to retype everything when you come back.

No ads or paywalls, ever. Supporting is optional, and it will never be annoyingly promoted throughout the app.
FELICITACIONES!!! Por el trabajo, lo voy a probar y despues de unos días te voy a dejar un comentario.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! For the work, what I'm going to try and after a few days you'll leave a comment.

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