Paradigm Academy is hiring an

Operations and Admin for an Education Startup

Oakland, United States
We are hiring a full-time Operations Specialist to help with producing our educational workshops and running our physical and virtual office operations. Hours are flexible, and you can set your own schedule, with the option for taking long weekends any time as long as you get your work done.

The company: 

Paradigm Academy teaches in-person workshops on essential skills that aren't taught in school -- thinking clearly, staying motivated, and the skill of learning itself. We have been teaching short courses, and our first year-long program will be starting this summer. Our long-term mission is to increase the number of highly effective people working on the world's most important problems. We spent four years on research and development before starting this company, and we're funded by several highly successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from the bay area and abroad.

You'd be the fifth member of the operations team. We work hard, have fun together, and stay sane by poking fun at the research and instructor teams for apparently not knowing how to do simple things like loading a dishwasher. (We're considering putting a camera in the kitchen to find out what is really going on.)

The position: 

You'll have some direction on what needs to be done, but will often have a lot of autonomy to decide what to prioritize and how to implement your projects.

Here are some example types of work that the role includes:

  • Help with workshop preparation, including researching venues, purchasing things, ordering food, etc.
  • Help with workshop operation, including organizing spaces, running errands, serving food, operating filming equipment, etc.
  • Fix broken things in our offices (we have one 8,000 square foot live/work building and another office across the street)
  • Run errands (mail packages, pick up groceries)
  • Organize our office (tidy up conference tables, organize boxes of cables)
  • Maintain company cars (get oil changed, take to the car wash, vacuum, take to the mechanic when needed)
  • Purchase things for the business (furniture, office equipment)

This role can expand to cover other things, if you have the skills:

  • Book keeping
  • IT support
  • Decorating office spaces with art


The ideal candidate will have experience building and fixing things, will be very hardworking and enjoy working on a team, will have a strong appreciation for having things be clean and organized (are your bedroom and your kitchen always clean and organized?), will get satisfaction from being helpful and doing a good job, and will be able to figure out how to do anything within admin and operations as needed.

You must:

  • Have a strong work ethic (show up on time, work hard, enjoy your work)
  • Have substantial related experience (but you don't have to have held a job with the same title before)


  • You are a morning person (it's easiest to handle a lot of things at our facility at 7 or 8am before most people are in the spaces)
  • You enjoy the satisfaction of organizing a garage perfectly


  • We provide two healthy, delicious catered meals per day to all of our employees. 
  • We subsidize your health insurance, and have dental insurance through the company. (And we have an excellent company doctor who you can talk to any time you have a medical problem.)
  • We offer flexible paid time off -- vacation, sick time, and holidays.
  • Our offices are right on Lake Merritt, with a beautiful view.

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