OpenAI is hiring a

Robotics Software Engineer

San Francisco, United States
We're building a general purpose robot: a robot that can carry out most tasks that humans can do. We're seeking generalist software engineers who are excited to tackle problems in robot simulation, developing real-time hardware interfaces, scaling up training of deep learning models, and generally accelerating research.

We look for a track record of the following:

- Building robust and scalable production systems.
- Quickly obtaining deep technical understanding of new domains.
- Picking out and solving the most important problems as part of a team.

Experience in implementing high-performance machine learning models, having ownership over a large codebase, classical robotics, or low-level knowledge of physics engines are a good bonus (but definitely not required for applying).

You can read more about our latest robotics research on our blog: Robots that Learn, Faster Physics in Python, Better Exploration with Parameter Noise and Spam Detection in the Physical World.

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