Let's create Unsplash for Music together.

Hi, humbly said: I am the maker of Unminus.
I’m working on it beside my job and three children - towards a dream I had 3 years ago.

I am aware that "Unsplash for Music" is a very high goal and I know it's still a long way from here. Nevertheless, I believe in being able to get closer to this "together" :-)

That's why I'm looking intensively for your qualified feedback like:
• what are main issues to solve from your perspective?
• what are basic features still to provide?
• is staying "ad-free“ a must?
• what are suitable paths for funding to get to the next level? ... would be so excited to get your response here.

As a Music Artist I found out early, that Music-Copyright is not trivial. So in the beginning of Unminus I decided to give my own music away for free as I can assure the rights.

Today, after some steps of improvements and contributions, I am looking for like-minded people to follow the creation of a go-to place for free premium music.

I'm really looking forward to your feedback & support to maintain and extend the project while keeping it ad-free.

Thanks so much.
Wowa from Germany