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@marckohlbrugge Hi Marc,

Apple's build in text expansion is very basic and misses features like macros to make a snippet more dynamic.

Similar software for the Mac is often too expensive and thus not a good deal for people who only have a few snippets that they just need every now and then. Also I personally don’t like the subscription model, at least not for just one app. So why would I want to do it as a developer? You will only have to pay for Rocket Typist once.

But most important of all, all the apps I’ve tried did not really feel like a Mac app, especially when it comes to macros. With Rocket Typist you will never have to type or read cryptic macro syntax, which is great because now even my mum can work with it. 😃

Rocket Typist will be also be available on the Mac App Store and I already have ideas for macros that you don’t find anywhere else. These will be added over time with future updates.

@witt_software Sounds good! Looking forward seeing it develop.
Rocket Typist has now ben launched. Thanks for your support and all the feature suggestions you have sent us. Everything that did not make it in the first release, will be added over the next months! Cheers.