Vladislav Arbatov


Artificial Intelligence Expert. Founder @ https://t.co/WEQWntjzKX.

@polydoneHQ Asana & our handmade system Taskdepo
@polydoneHQ Hey Tony! Could you please clarify the AI part? There's nothing on that on the site.
@vladzima I realise there isn't much, at the moment we're focusing on automation mostly, such as automatic accurate estimate of time and budget for projects. AI will be about estimating individual tasks based on past performance, allocating the right resources to the right projects, etc.
@polydoneHQ That's cool. We've been having same ideas with our own PM system
This is great, but looks more of a very early concept keeping in mind current state of AI evolution. I will be shocked if I'm wrong and there's actually some sort of prototype is available.
@tasteofdalife This is the idea I have in mind for the couple of month – to integrate an AI into our task system to make management process easier. As seen on the screenshots, you are using keyword recognition to extract useful data from task content, is that right?
@vladzima thanks for your interest.
You're absolutely right! We're doing keyword recognition to automate task management process.
I wonder if 90% response accuracy is possible...
@chachafance Thanks Charnita! We'll do our best.
@danielmbure I feel that pain! The whole idea arose from that: when you save something to Pocket (especially articles; useful links, services etc – you might actually dig them up and use someday), you realize there's a high chance you see this article for the last time. That's my feeling. So for this case we have an expiration feature and also notifications/digest – we remind you about a couple of articles with the highest probability that you'll read it (based on what you've read before). You can open, postpone or delete each link right away. We might or might not use additional data to determine when it's better to suggest you those links – that's a questionable approach, for now it's just set reminders, 8PM each day for example.
@vladzima That's a serious pain point you are addressing that would help you one-up Pocket. Looking forward to using this as my go-to link curation tool.
@joelmilne Thanks Joel! Offline reading is on our roadmap (except FB bot of course), and your account will store all the articles so sharing between devices is enabled by default.
@polydoneHQ That's cool. We've been having same ideas with our own PM system