Thanks @clavusdia! Various templates for cases ranging from one single VR experience to playlists to 3D model showcasing will be made available post beta, once we release the other VR platforms.
Thanks for the feedback @IchFloque. We've built stereosense as both a publishing platform and a content management system, so you could continuously update your playlists once a specific app has been published. You'll have a web based dashboard where you can reorder playlist content, disable or delete existing items or upload new media files. Updates are visible for app users on refresh. Hope this helps!
Many thanks @liorfrenkel! Looking forward to feedback on the beta!
Great to hear that stereosense got you intrigued @stoyaaan! Hopefully on a positive note :D. We automated the build process in Unity for our VR apps on iOS, Android, Oculus & Vive, and with WebVR on web. At the core of it all is our own HTML5 player and its 360° & VR content playback functionality.
Thanks a lot @SimoneHelmer! We built stereosense with the democratisation of VR content creation in mind, so creators can deploy VR compatible apps within a user friendly environment without coding. We think stereosense can provide real use for creatives, digital & film agencies, media publishers, architecture & product design bureaus, real estate platforms, tourism offices & companies and many more verticals. We're very much looking forward to how people will use our platform!
We're building the next gen user engagement platform reimagining how online interaction and customer experience should work on the modern web & would love your feedback ❤️
@rrose80 Thanks so much! Great to hear that ❤️
@LTDfans Happy to hear that & thank you for your support 😍
@RoyalEndorphyn Your comment is such a "treat"! Plus, we ❤️ Mozart Kugeln.
@PavelSarbort Thanks! Boosting user engagement & customer experience to the moon 🚀
@combatjammer Wow, great to hear that awesome feedback! 😍
@elizabetharper We're so happy to have you among our customers! ❤️🙏