Victor Bercaru


Observe and think. Startup world.👊

Hi everyone, feel free to ask me anything. (e.g: difference, process, why now etc)
@TristanIsham Thanks for your questions.

Worked with a mix of clients: solo founder with just an idea, early stage startup who needs something more than an MVP and even a publicly traded company. We'll make public some of them when we launch after beta.

Why now? Because the demand for new apps is at an all-time high but the means of creating new apps has remained the same it was in 2010. It's time for a different approach in order to meet the current market needs and even create a larger market.

Not sure I get what you mean by "Why this product with UpMilk?" - can you clarify what product?
You answered my second question with your first response. I was looking for the reason by UpMilk existed as the product it is. Thanks for you answers.
Do I have to type only the initial letter of the words? how does it work in the background?
This makes so much sense! subscribed.