Vaishnavi ✨


Dreamer. Destitute of destiny.

When working, the only thing that keeps us motivated is the one week vacation coming up. Sounds a tad bit unfair, doesn't it? Slagging for an entire year for a rusty week somewhere - while your work still gives you nightmares. The Remote Life offers the best solution. The ability to work from a different desk everyday - may it be the beach or a hiking trail. Every day would be just as exciting as the one before, with the added bonus of not having to face your grumpy boss each morning. The fact that the paperwork, logistics, and travel is all taken care of takes a huge burden off our chest. There's only one thing to do - live life to the fullest with 30 like minded people (and potential friends) to make memories that will last a lifetime. And to not lose a single cent of your salary? Just a cherry on top of a magnificent cake, I say. The Remote Life, thank you for making my wildest fantasy come true.