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Any plans for an android app?
I think this will be very helpful to my mac users haha
@vaibhavThevedi Spotlight and Alfred is where we drew inspiration. The idea was simple, A lot of sass tools have topper / sidebar concerns. A metric UX folks use is to minimize clicks to complete a task / action. With this widget we try and cut that down and clean up navigation by indexing any tool / site on our end and allow the user to "search" whatever it it relevant to them in the site's context.

We go even further and link a sites external links (links blogs and docs) and index those under this widget.
Woah. I would love to try this one out.
@vaibhavThevedi Thanks for your response Vaibhav 🙏 we'll be sure to give you Beta access :). Do sign up on the Platform so we can shoot you an email soon!