Victor Bustillos


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Im trying it in free trial. Looking forward to make 3 communities to start. I just want to be able to change language to spanish since thats the speaking language in my city.

Also i want to be able to remove the "powered by faces"
@vabustillos Hi Victor. Thanks for your feedback. I just replied to your email, but also replying here in case anyone else has the same question.

At the moment it's not possible to change the language of the interace. You can however still write your own texts for the tags, welcome message, etc. That's the bulk of the text.

As for removing "Powered by Faces", this is not possible at the $29/mo plan. I've tried to make it as subtle as possible. I'm also considering adding a referral program where you'd get credit anytime signs up via this link so you could potentially use the service for free. I'm curious to hear if that would change your mind about it?
I really, really, really like this product. I suggest the ability to arrange the profiles as you wish. That way we can give it a certain look & feel....or maybe charge a bit to the ones that are on top. Just a suggestion.
@vabustillos That's an interesting idea. Will consider it for the future. Thanks 🙌
Seems like a great product
What do you mean with "screens"?. I liked your tool to put reel content on my site/s through the day. Am i missing something?