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@rupesh1983 - I've been trying to just really focus on the fulfillment process so its a spreadsheet we send over. The target are people who are 5+ years in to their career (5 to 20) and just want to outsource the application part. Maybe you have a job already but you want another one or you need a job and you want more results. Let me know if you have any more feedback. I think a problem I've been trying to work out is just the back and forth for fulfillment. It is really labor intensive.
@garyfung - yea its really really broken. I dont really know how to fix it but this product really illuminated some things for me. So I used the product myself and I used both a person oversea's vs. a thoughtful person who was a professional copywriter (quantity over quality)....I thought quality would definitely win. It didn't, it was quantity. Its just insane. If you have any feedback let me know.
@usmaninatl fix recruiting itself. I see both sides of the fence. From company perspective, recruiters are often too expensive to be cost effective, while apps from job boards is a sea of noise. How to create a system in the middle that's better than both ends?
@hatchexa I'm not sure if you are trying to sell your app - but I don't agree with that. I'm building a product and I need to iterate fast on it. I purposefully have not over-built the website. Maybe there would be an angle with an app and keeping people engaged with push notifications but not sure what that would be.