Artyom Smirnov


Developer turned indie hacker, building DetoxBox, a Gmail tool for unsubscribing from mailing lists. #buildinpublic

Awesome tool, I love it that you don't just detect problems but also provide actionable advice. Really useful!

I can't really think of how to improve it. Maybe small things, like, I really can't improve cache settings for external scripts, so it makes no sense to list them. Or a small "i" icon next to each paramater with a quick explanation (yes I did click the link for Web Vitals to learn more).
@uluhonolulu Hi Artyom. Thanks for the suggestions. Forwarding it to the development team now.

We are doing a webinar with Joe Williams and Aleksandar Savkovic on 29th of March about Google Page Experience Update and how to ace the test. Join us and all the questions you have about the Core Web Vitals and other factors will be answered.
If you're like me, you subscribe to hundreds of emailing lists when downloading free ebooks and watching free webinars. In addition, I'm having hundreds of error messages from my daytime job which I never have time to delete. My Updates tab currently has over 8 000 messages, and everything valuable is just lost there because I'm even scared to open it.

DetoxBox was built to address this issue. Unlike other services that offer solutions to this problem, mine is a browser extension so that you can be sure (and be able to verify) that your emails neve leave your browser.

The current version of DetoxBox lets you select lists to unsubscribe from and "click" unsubscription links for all of them, archiving or deleting the existing emails from these senders. My plans for v2 is to be able to bulk delete messages that you can't unsubscribe from, right from the message list. Another feature that will likely made it to v2 is automatic address approval -- the extension will watch for emails with confirmation links and "click" them -- so that you don't have to.

Would be happy to hear your comments.