Trufflepiggy - find everything instantly on your favourite sites and save up to 60 seconds per search.

If you have any questions I more than happy to answer them here or on our twitter and facebook channels.
Btw you can see some Trufflepiggy in action sneak peaks at our website. It's the easiest way to understand how much faster your search will be.
HI Janis,

why should someone choose your product over the built in tools for chrome where I can actually save and change the files too? Could you describe your target group and typical workflow?

Thank you very much,

Clemens from
ps.: execution looks very clean and smooth. Well done. Just the use case is unclear for me.
Hey Clemens,

Thanks for your comment!

One of our main goals is to improve the collaboration between web designers and developers and boost their workflow. Often designers want to push few pixels here and there when the website is already developed, and usually it ends up with a ton of screenshots, obscure messages like "move the heading 12 pixels up" or pair work. With Finch designers can quickly create several versions of a website to gather feedback from clients or just to fix small details that were missed by the developer. The best part is that the developer will get only what they need - pure css code.

The demo on our landing page is just an insight of what we are making – the real tool is much more powerful. Hit me up via [email protected] for early access!