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Technical founder B2B SaaS / Collaboration tooling Serverless / React

Hey Waqar, you seem to have very ambitious goals, basically offering a suite of everything. I understand the Notion-like all-in-one proposition, but your landing page did not convince me on why and how you are able to do this. I would need to see more validation in terms of social proof and a product walkthrough. I've made comments in-place at
Your design is super clean, I like it. There's a few things in copy that I think can be better. I've illustrated it visually here:

Most important point is that the value-gains are not immediately obvious to me, until I scrolled further down. I'll give the tool a try later, thanks!
@tommedema Thank you for the feedback! Sincerely appreciate it.

Is it possible to connect, and to continue talking? I'd love to keep talking.
Good luck guys, I've shared some feedback on your landing page here:

If you target freelancers, I would focus on something like "The end-to-end solution for freelancers". Right now I'm not sure who it is for.
It's a smart idea to generate a release notes page from git history. I've given you some visual feedback at -- most notably your own changelog page gives an error. :)
Hi @tommedema! Thank you for such valuable feedback!
Indeed, we'll updating our landing page soon and will take all your notes into account. And yeah, our changelog is back :)
Smart idea! I'm a little concerned about using my camera for this so maybe you can focus more on that on your page. I've also given more contextual feedback here:
@tommedema Hey Tom! We really appreciate your feedback and we’ll take action on your notes!
@tommedema wow! AMAZING feedback! Thanks so much!
Your goal seems very ambitious but I lack a sense of focus/direction. What specific pain points are you solving? I've given better in-context feedback at
Thank you @tommedema ! I replied to your feedbacks and solved some of them, thank you so much!
We are actually going to develop new applications according to clients' requests (inventory, human resources, etc..) and that is way the focus is not yet defined.. we want to listen to our users and create custom-applications according to their needs for a fully complete (all-in-one) environment :)
There are a lot of onboarding / walkthrough services but none of them really seem to be good looking enough for me to want to serve to my users. Perhaps Kompassify could be different? I've shared some thoughts on your website here too: -- let me know if it helps.
Wow, Thanks Tom for the Feedback ^^

And yeah , you are right there are other onboarding / walkthrough services out there but:

- All their pricing starts from 150$/month, and only kompassify have a free pricing plan for small businesses and fellow makers.

- Kompassify tour builder is much easier and intuitive compared to the other services.

- Finally we probably share the same MVP but I have a different vision for kompassify, indeed the user onboarding journey doesn't start/stop with the tool tips, modals or hotspots , it is more complicated than that and needs and advanced tool
Great idea! I added some comments looking at the landing page here that I hope you find helpful - Let me know, thanks!
Looks good. 2 quick comments added here that i noticed when scrolling your landing page - -- Will be keeping an eye on this!
@tommedema Hi Tom, that's great feedback. I left you two replies on your comments. We'll definitely look at evolving our landing page.
Good idea. Few quick suggestions you might find useful here in relation to the landing page - Cheers!
Looks useful, will give it a shot! Some comments here too that might help increase conversions on your landing page :)
Great idea, I think many people will like the idea of more visually appealing and interactive docs! Also left two annotated comments here in relation to your landing page, hope it helps :)
This is a fantastic tool, I think many people will find this useful :) I also noticed some small potential changes to your landing page that might help increase conversions found here, cheers!
Hey @tommedema, thanks so much for your feedback! I've reworked the home page based on your suggestions, which make good sense to me. Really appreciate your help and interest
This sounds like an amazing personalised experience, look forward to checking it out :) Also left some tips here on your landing page, hope its helpful -
@tommedema Thanks a lot for checking the landing page out. Also thank you so so much for the feedback on the landing page. That is really really helpful.
Looks like a great solution - will check it out :) Also some tips that might help conversions on your landing page, cheers!
This is so cool - very creative and unique, not sure I've seen a calendar tool like this :) I made a few annotated notes here too that I hope you find useful in increasing your conversions, best of luck with this!
@tommedema hi Tom! Whoa, thanks for the kind words!
Thanks for the feedback. I do agree with all items, I plan to upgrade the landing in coming weeks.

Would love to see you among our users, or to hear your wishes if Lightpad doesn't have features that you need.

This is great, definitely useful for freelancers and companies looking for leads :) Some tips here too on your landing page that should help conversions, best of luck! --
Simple and useful! Some tips here that might increase clicks on your landing page too :)
@tommedema thank you for your valuable feedback!
Loving the simple and clean design, will try it out. Left some annotated thoughts here too about your landing page, hope it helps :)
@tommedema thanks Tom really appreciate your feedback. we have intentionally designed the landing page to avoid any salsy language, we hate having a lot of call to actions or even including social proof to intentionally/irrationally push people to signup.

We really want to help people understand the value of a distraction free productivity in a clean interface without being pushy because it is not our DNA.
I personally hate those landing pages that start that including dozens of flashy call to action everywhere saying "get it now free ".... "limited time free offer"... (I think this is all bs)

but still I think your feedback is really valuable and we'll definitely consider your suggestion to add a single call to action at the top of the page just to make it clear to first time visitors.
Loving this idea, think many people will find this useful! I left a few points in annotated format for you here too that might help improve your landing page conversions :)
@tommedema wow, awesome! Thanks so much for the feedback!!
Really useful service. I wrote out some annotated comments here too on possible improvements to your landing page that could help conversions -
@tommedema Thanks for the feedback, Tom! These are great suggestions, I'll add them my landing page
Looks very useful, congrats :) Some annotated tips here too on how to improve your landing page for conversions, let me know if it helps!
@tommedema thanks for the feedback. Its in Beta rn. So we are seeing how we can Improve the Website and the Platform. Adding more feature and Functionalities.
Such a great idea, congrats! Thought I'd leave some feedback that might make your landing page more effective too :)
Looks like a really nice UI, congrats! Some feedback on your landing page for here in context too, hope its helpful :)
Hey @tommedema, thanks for the feedback.
Look forward to trying this out, looks really useful :) Have an annotated video here of some feedback on your landing page too incase it's helpful! -
@tommedema thank you so much Tom for this link and feedback. Very helpful indeed!
Looks very useful, will check it out! Some feedback here too incase its helpful -
@tommedema Thanks that is useful feedback!
Sounds incredible, congrats! I left some annotated tips that might improve conversions on your landing page here too, hope it helps -
Ui looks really great - clean and simple, congrats! I also wrote some tips out here in context for you that might increase sign-ups if implemented -
Looks very useful, will give it a try! Some feedback for you on your landing page here too, hope it helps -
@tommedema thank you so much for the feedback. Looks like it's an issue on mobile - we'll get it fixed asap!
UI looks amazing, look forward to checking it out! Just had a quick look at your landing page too and left some thoughts here that might be useful -
@tommedema Thanks so much for your comment and your valuable feedback! Will take a look :)
@dreambox_mari Hey. It's coming up in Japanese when we log in. We need english.
@tommedema Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback, much appreciated! We will look into it 🍋
Looks so useful, UI is very clean too! Some feedback on your landing page here too with regards to buttons and social proof :)
@tommedema Thank you so much for the awesome feedback! That is incredibly helpful for us to see.
Really nice idea, will check it out! Some feedback here in context for you too incase its useful -
This is great, the UI looks amazing too! Few quick tips too on your landing page incase its helpful -
Very interesting idea, not something I seen before! Some comments left here too on landing page that is hopefully helpful to increase conversions -
Looks really useful! When I looked at your landing page I noticed some small potential changes that could increase conversions for you, shown annotated here, hope its helpful -
@tommedema Thanks for checking out Kalypso! We appreciate all the feedback we can get from community members. We'll be consolidating all input (collected through a variety of channels) and use that information to help guide our product roadmap. Thx!
Not something I've seen before, excited to try the platform! Some annotated tips left here too on your landing page incase its useful to you -
Brilliant idea, congrats! Left some tips here too in context on your landing page that might help with conversions -
@tommedema Nice! Thanks for the feedback, will take a look ✌️
Looks promising! Few comments on your landing page here too as I was looking through it incase its helpful -
Great idea, congrats on the launch! Left some comments on your landing page here too incase its helpful to you -
@tommedema Hey Tom, thank you for taking the time to check out the landing page and for the feedback - it's spot on.

We'll actually update the landing page to showcase better what Postiatic is all about can even check out the Postiatic blog.

We'll definitely take into consideration your feedback and do some updates soon.
Sounds promising! Left a few thoughts on your landing page here too incase its of interest -
Looks really useful, congrats on the launch! Went through your landing page and left some comments in context here in relation to conversion optimisation, hope its useful -
Sounds really useful, not in a position to try it yet but have saved your post for future reference! Also left my thoughts on your main landing page here incase its helpful to you guys -
This sounds interesting, will try it out! Also left thoughts on your landing page as I was scrolling through in context if its helpful -
@tommedema thanks for the suggestions, we really appreciate that! We'll check it out.
I absolutely love this website. Really fresh design concepts, and easy to follow - maybe one day I’ll be writing to Elon Musk with Lavender 🚀

As a UX designer I’ve made some comments on some parts of the landing page that perhaps could have a boost -

Let me know your comments, and it would be great to hear back from you
@tommedema Hey Tom! Thanks so much for the comments and taking the time to annotate the website. We are thinking through these and other ways to optimize the website, onboarding, an app. Really appreciate it.
Hey, this looks interesting! Would be keen to take a proper look when you launch! I left some thoughts on how you might optimise your landing page to entice more users to sign up here: I hope you find them of some help! Best of luck!
@tommedema Tom, thank you so much for the feedback on the landing page. I don't have a designer background and did it on my own so those are very useful pointers.
Looks great, best of luck guys! Some thoughts on your mobile view here too incase its helpful -
@tommedema Thanks for feedback. I appreciate that. For sure we will consider as part of UI improvement.
Looks like a useful and simple way to predict customer demographics. Nice job! Left some feedback here, hope it helps.
@tommedema hi, thanks for pointing out! It's worth of considering