Tom Langridge


Co-founder @MediaFire

Wow, we're excited to be featured today! Thanks for checking out our product.

Before we started, we had a lot of infrastructure but we still would turn to Amazon S3 for hosting static content. But S3 is complicated to set up, requires manual uploading, requires a separate CDN configuration, and requires tedious cache flushing every time we need to make an update.

What we really wanted was to get things online with the simplicity and easy of use of Cloud Storage without sacrificing the scale and performance of a CDN.

So we built to tightly integrate into the tools people already use. It does this by using the cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, MediaFire, Box, and GitHub), and enabling you to keep collaborating and working the way you already do. is a simple enterprise file distribution network that supports:
- Files up to 2GB
- 100GB / month for free
- Foolproof Analytics collected directly on the CDN
- Custom domains and free included SSL (HTTPS)
- Automatic updates and global deployment from cloud storage or version control
- Automatic image and code optimization and minification

In the future, we're adding real-time transitions, such as watermarking documents, resizing images, and encoding video.