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@phatjme Awesome Jamie, glad you get it! Yes totally, fitness - of mind and body - is definitely something a lot of programs miss, so hopefully we start a trend by doing this! Hopefully see you in Bali ✈️😎
@samar_ux Hey Samar, great question! There are a couple of reasons to this:
1) I have already seen other co-travel projects operate with 50-100 people, and I didn't like it. It was more of a swarm, pretty impersonal, and it meant those people never really step out of their group to meet others or locals.
2) 12-15 is small enough that everyone can be heard and big enough to break in to smaller groups. I like the Jeff Bezos 2 pizza rule :)
3) This is a personal project for me, I have my own businesses to run, so a smaller group is perfect for me to manage without issues. This isn't a profit making exercise, its purely that I want to explore the world, I love a good entrepreneur community, and many of the places I want to go don't have that. So why not take it with me?
@thetwopct Awesome. Thanks for your answer James. I will signup.

P.S. Changed my twitter handle. It is @teamstack_co now.

Thanks and good luck with your venture.
Thanks for publishing! If anyone has any questions, I'm here to answer 🙌