James Hunt


Full stack marketer. Coder. Entrepreneur. Loves startups, tech, health, wearables, IoT. Running businesses. Location independent. Digital Nomad? Urgh OK

Thanks for publishing! If anyone has any questions, I'm here to answer 🙌
@samar_ux Hey Samar, great question! There are a couple of reasons to this:
1) I have already seen other co-travel projects operate with 50-100 people, and I didn't like it. It was more of a swarm, pretty impersonal, and it meant those people never really step out of their group to meet others or locals.
2) 12-15 is small enough that everyone can be heard and big enough to break in to smaller groups. I like the Jeff Bezos 2 pizza rule :)
3) This is a personal project for me, I have my own businesses to run, so a smaller group is perfect for me to manage without issues. This isn't a profit making exercise, its purely that I want to explore the world, I love a good entrepreneur community, and many of the places I want to go don't have that. So why not take it with me?
@thetwopct Awesome. Thanks for your answer James. I will signup.

P.S. Changed my twitter handle. It is @teamstack_co now.

Thanks and good luck with your venture.
@phatjme Awesome Jamie, glad you get it! Yes totally, fitness - of mind and body - is definitely something a lot of programs miss, so hopefully we start a trend by doing this! Hopefully see you in Bali ✈️😎