Neel Popat


CEO @donut__app. On a mission to make digital assets accessible, for all.

@ianmayman For sure! We'll work to add that :)
@ianmayman Hey Ian! Thanks for your message and glad you like the look of Donut :). Our product is currently only available in the US due to regulatory reasons. We're required to have some permissions and our partner only has the required permissions for the US. As we have part of the team in Berlin we're working super hard to expand cross border so stay tuned we'll be available in Europe soon too!
@theneelpopat That’s great, so why not have a mailing list for those to sign up to be notified when it’s available for them?
@ianmayman For sure! We'll work to add that :)
@AmytheJourno Thanks! We tried to keep things *super* simple and intuitive so that in a few taps you can put your spare change to work!