boardme implements amazing user onboarding experiences into your applications with just a few clicks, and cuts down your development costs.

@johndatserakis thank you for those awesome words! Can't wait to show the end product soon!!
@readablereport just got an email on it. Fixing now. Thank you for the looking out
@gordan_orlic fixing this now. Not sure why as our SSL was just purchased 4 months ago.
@theboardmeapp I thought it was Let’s encrypt... it is free but needs to be renewed E3m. You can use the Certbot and cron to do it automatically.
Fixing SSL cert currently. Thank you for your patience while we fix =)
@Tadengey it is simply an expired SSL. We are currently traveling to Norway and not able to renew it at the moment. Nothing unsafe about it.
@Tadengey ah sorry for reading incorrect then. I will post once we land so you can view. We do have a demo video if you'd like to check