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@marckohlbrugge @cirbif Thank you both for fixing this mistake! And thank you for re-featuring the app as well. Means a lot to us!
@AlexFromAlbion Hey Alex, developer of Exporteur here. There are three main differences between Exporteur and ImageOptim.

1. Workflows: Exporteur allows you to generate multiple versions of your files at once. Say you need to export your images in multiple sizes for a responsive website and also want to generate JPEG & WEBP versions of these images. With existing tools, you have to go in and change the settings for every size & breakpoint and then select your files again, wait for processing, change the settings for the next size & format... and repeat. With Exporteur you enter your multiple settings once into a Workflow and are done with things.

2. Simplicity: Exporteur does not have nearly as many settings to fiddle around with as ImageOptim, because we've taken the time to set sane defaults for most encoding & optimization options that most people will never need to worry about.

3. Automatic Quality: When using lossy compression (JPEG, WEBP), Exporteur can figure out the correct quality settings for each image. This way, you get images that hit a sweet spot in the file size to image quality tradeoff and you don't have to pick an arbitrary quality setting.

Hope this helps and thanks for your question :)
I want this 😍

I... don't quite know *why* I want this, but I know that I do 😅