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👋 Hi. This is Sunil!

I'm very excited about Landr taking off today. Landr is a landing page creator which helps you create websites for your products in minutes.

With growing internet popularity everyone wants to have a digital presence and having a website for their product is a must before they launch. Through Landr, i'm trying to make it easy for everyone to create landing page websites for their products with ease.

Landr is very different from the traditional website builders you see on the market today. All these website builders are mostly drag and drop solutions. Even though they provide you with all the tools needed to build websites, unfortunately not everyone is creative enough to build good websites using these tools. Landr solves this problem by providing users beautiful list of templates to choose from and not having to worry about customising them at all. Users just have to select a template, fill all the inputs needed for that template, check the live preview of their website with the current details and then just create it by the click of a button. It's that simple.

In the first version of the product I'm providing SaaS templates. In the next version the plan is to provide templates for other category of users like freelancers who want to showcase their skills,students who want to showcase their portfolio to everyone on the internet.

I hope Landr removes one more problem from this world. Hit that upvote button if you like my product and show me some love :)

I'm happy to answer any question you guys have.

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