Steve Woodson


A web developer passionate about web accessibility, design systems, and user experience. (he/him)

I started Be Inclusive because I saw a gap between homegrown spreadsheet-based accessibility audits and those offered by other enterprise solutions. Spreadsheets are hard to manage and share, enterprise solutions are large and packed full of features but also expensive and difficult to learn. Be Inclusive serves a narrow purpose but does so quickly and affordably.

Currently, my primary goal is to get as much feedback as possible so we can continue to build features that provide even more value to you. That’s why we’re starting with a completely free beta, no features are hidden behind a paywall and your data is easily exportable should you decide it’s not the right fit.

Our target markets are small to mid size agencies and freelancers trying to do the right thing by accounting for web accessibility. Budgets are tight, timelines are even tighter, let us help simplify your a11y audits!