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Innovator, musician, entrepreneur, geek, tech, startup, disrupter, Apple aficionado, EDC, whisky fan, domainer and all around family man.

This is something I've been waiting for. The struggle with any help documentation is keeping screenshots up to date. I signed up for early access. I'm looking forward to trying!
@stephenchip good to hear that you're interested in trying out Cliperado. As of now you'll have received an invite from us to setup your beta account. Please let us know what you think of Cliperado after you tried it! We'd love to get your feedback.
This is a fantastic onboarding strategy. You can get up to 75,000 FREE emails/month by inviting your friends to BulletSend. 25k emails per/mo for signing up.
@stephenchip not just that. We are planning to give an exclusive beta to the first 100 people that invited 5 or more people to as early as 1 month from now. -thanks