Stan P. van de Burgt


co-founder of @AuthentiqID, WatchMouse (acq by $CA), Q-go (acq by $ORCL)

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Hi Betalist! A bit of background: Pieter and I started working on Authentiq a while back to address issues we experienced both as developers and as users of services on the web:

- managing passwords is painful and not very safe and 2-step verification is a hassle.
- registration on new services is a chore as a user, and for web services a hurdle in user onboarding.
- we feel that user profiles should ideally not be stored centrally / in the cloud at all.

Authentiq offers a simple and safe way to move beyond passwords and turn your phone into an identity wallet.

We already integrated Authentiq in some much used frameworks for languages like Ruby, JavaScript (NodeJS), Python, and PHP. Do sign up to get access to our beta!