Speros Kokenes


I design data on https://t.co/Si5BnbwmVj. Make music via https://t.co/qIrVx8DaGY. Ride or die with @PolicyPeach. Qlik Luminary '17

Hello fellow data enthusiasts! Knarr is a passion project that Jerry and I started tinkering with a couple of years ago after we realized how difficult it is to do exploratory visual analytics without developing a lot of skills in programming languages like R. We love those tools, but sometimes we just want to rapidly fly through a data set, capturing points of interest along the way and sharing with our peers. This desire to collaboratively explore data in a frictionless way inspired us to craft Knarr. In our platform, you can invite your peers to explore data with you on the fly, building insights off of each other's work as you go.

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