Volodymyr Vorobiov


Founder of @RubyGarage, Web Technology Consultant

Hi there, BetaList. I'm so excited to be here and share our product with you!

I truly believe in society and community power, that's why my team and I really need you.

We’re working to create a handy all-in-one solution ExpertBox that helps experts in various fields go their business online and share their expertise from anywhere in the world.

In today's reality, the COVID-19 situation changed the way we communicate, work, get medical treatment, and practice sports. And ExpertBox is exactly what people need today to share their expertise globally and generating great profits in return.

Instead of just hold simple video calls, ExpertBox allows you to:
- customize your personal booking panel on your website and better convert your visitors
- free up from daily routine to spend time on your clients rather than administrative tasks
- get a holistic view of each client on one page
- achieve a high level of client satisfaction with stable and high-quality video meetings with video stitching after a pause or internet outage
- provide more valuable online recommendations through instant chat messaging, screen, and document sharing
- get payment with a simplified billing workflow

In sum, ExpertBox is about the streamlined process of sharing expertise online. Just see for yourself!

We look forward to getting honest feedback from you. Feel free to share your thoughts, contribute any ideas of your own, and just ask questions. We're open to all of these!
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