Simon Sylvest


Co-founder & Head of growth @FoundersAS - working on @duuooio - @pleo_io - @donebydixie - @kontistdotcom

I'm looking forward to trying out Pleo. I know the team very well and I'm sure they will create a great product.
Allo allo allo - so good to see you (=Boris) guys here!
I am lucky to be an early user of the Cuely and it has really changed my way of working!
I am using it multiple time a day everytime i wanna open/find a doc, sheet, pres... its way better and easier to use than google docs own search... I really look forward to see where this can go in terms making the search function smarter and smarter...
Go Boris!
@simonsylvest Boom! Working on making it even much better! Thanks for great feedback so far!