Sitesh Shrivastava


Founder in Residence @AntlerGlobal Building: 📆 Calendar insights to understand your time, people & meetings

👋🏼 Betalist!

I'm Sitesh, maker of Nous and excited to share with you what I've been working on.

Earlier this year as meetings moved online, I found myself, as Product Manager, drowning in them, unable to get any real work done. I looked around for a tool to audit my calendar to figure out patterns of how my time was being spent, couldn't find any great option out there!

So, I did some data science on calendar and discovered 3 primary dimensions which cause meetings to be draining and ineffective:
🤷‍♂️ Wrong people in meetings
📝 Agenda not well defined
📆 Schedule not optimized for individuals

I was able to leverage these insights by bringing them to discussions with team and stakeholders and cut down my weekly meetings by 50% while keeping all relevant people informed and involved.

Hence created Nous, to help people get the same insight into their without doing days worth of work and get clear insights with a single click via Google calendar.

For Betalist community, I'm happy to offer 50% discount for Paid product till Jan 1st in addition to forever Free version.
Please use coupon BETA50 during upgrade on Stripe checkout.

Let me know if you find it valuable or any questions / feedback you might have.