Research Engineer @ Citrix

When it comes to sales, every minute counts. We built Demograph to help you save time when researching companies on your sales list. It gets you up-to-date information about your target companies in real-time from the company websites and other sources on the web.

We're trying to learn more about how Demograph may positively impact your sales process and would love to hear your feedback!
We want to empower people to live happier lives, Text Taylor destroys the assumption that reflection takes a large commitment of time. Taylor is simple, fast and helps you form a habit around positive reflection.

Taylor is perfect for anyone going through a highly dynamic period of time in their lives (college students, startup founders, new parents, etc)

Feel free to ask us any questions!
@VentureToolkit Glad to hear you're enjoying the app! We hope to get more people to focus on the best moments throughout their lives.