Sergiu F.


@StefanTrost Hi Stefan, sure, everyone who subscribes now will get an invitation soon. Thank you
Hi Marc, the difference is pretty much in 2 parts apart from our focus on a natural process and design (you'll never find standard or ugly designs).
1. Monte can be self-hosted and be extended on its own by other developers. We'll make our source code available to anyone for free, with updates coming along the way.
2. Our ecosystem makes super easy to expand your website. Install an app and integrate it on your page. That easy. The upcoming Store will allow other developers to sell their apps, which will kickstart your project to a more advanced level.
Hey Jack, that's super cool, on what stage are you? and how much would cost to use brandmark?
I'm a co-founder at Monte ( - personalised way to build websites) and a product like yours could stand as the entry point to our process, looking forward to hear from you!
@sfinciuc hey Sergiu. I'm still working on the pricing but it will be per-use rather than a SaaS.

Brandmark will be a collection of generators tied to a recommendation engine. One of these generators is already online as

what I'm working on now is the font pairing and logo generators, then gather feedback from some awesome betalisters : ]