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This is a very crowded space. This doesn't mean you shouldn't target this market, but you should be very upfront with what you are doing different and/or how you are fixing existing pain points.
@scottw Hi Scott đź‘‹Thanks for your reply. You're right it is a crowded space, there are many project management tools available such as Trello, Basecamp or Jira however those can co-exist with Workweek. Let me explain...

Workweek is an agile tool to help individuals or teams keep track of their most important weekly tasks and help them get things done. By determining your tasks at the start of your week, you keep focus and set reachable goals. During the week you mark the tasks you've done as completed, working towards a fully completed task list. Tasks you didn't complete roll-over to the next week. Workweek is unique because of its simplicity and weekly tasks view.

The team functionality provides a birds-eye view of each members important ongoing (and past) tasks at all times. Look at Workweek as the "I want to know what everyone is doing real quick" tool. While Jira (for example) holds all the granular information.

Our website will be updated to better reflect the benefits and differences with other existing tools. Please give Workweek a try yourself and feel free to provide feedback through our feedback widget inside the Workweek tool.