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👋 Hey Betalist friends! We're super excited to share zcal - the Calendly alternative designed to make online scheduling a more personal, human experience.

⛔️ The problem

If everyone agrees that scheduling links help save time, then why are they so universally unloved? Today most booking pages present nothing more than a name and a calendar, so as the person receiving the link, the process of booking a time can feel cold and transactional. You're being asked to do all the work to setup the meeting, and you're getting nothing in return. It's about as fun as waiting in line at the DMV...But things don't have to be this way. We believe there's a way to make online scheduling both highly efficient and enjoyable.

✅ The solution

We've reimagined online scheduling to solve for the receiver. First, we've designed a booking page that provides a delightful, on-brand experience for anyone booking a meeting with you. We put self expression front and center, letting organizers showcase themselves with a cover photo, welcome video, and personal intro. These elements both inform and entertain guests, helping them answer the two most important questions before every meeting - who exactly am I meeting and why should I be excited to meet them? Second, we've made it easy to create personalized links so you never have to worry about insulting anyone with a generic booking link. Simply select from your contact list to instantly personalize a link in seconds with your recipient's name, email, and profile picture.

🔥 Free Forever

We believe that calendar scheduling, like email, is an essential utility that should be accessible to absolutely everyone. So, we've decided to make zcal 100% Free Forever for personal use. Our free plan includes many of the premium features you pay for elsewhere including unlimited links and calendar accounts, and we have plenty more in the pipeline.
@Finnyio01 Thanks, Finn! Looking forward to hearing your feedback.
@SairMcKee Thanks, Sarah! glad you like zcal.
Looks like a great project! if it helps, we have built the next-gen Calendly that your users might find helpful to learn about :