Saurabh Chauhan


Hi, Saurabh here. Founder & CEO at GetKeywords. Thanks to Betalist for featuring GetKeywords.

I started my SEO Journey before 10 years, and one thing irritated me always is - Innovation in the industry. Everyone is giving thousands of keyword ideas, suggestions and all - but do I really need them ? I don't definitely have time to go through all of them. My audience is not sitting in countries decided by the Keyword Tools, my business clients are everywhere. Most of the tools are using outdated data and so so so. I'm sure you're also one of them.

And that's where we jumped to GetKeywords. Instead of giving thousands of irrelevant suggestions, just provide us what is your aim of keyword research, and we'll give you only relevant keywords. You're doing for Video, Ecommerce, LSI, Synonyms of what - and we'll give you the same. We've all the cities of the world with completely realtime data processing, as internet is changing every second. Let's focus on human side of Keyword Research, instead of that same excel sheet and those same filters & sortings.

Do you have Suggestions or Feedbacks - Let's connect. Take care & stay safe :)