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@phatcatbrett Definitely valid points. The market I'm trying to focus on is the cloud archival services as opposed to backup services.

With backups, it's typically for files that might change even after initial upload, so you'll have a local and cloud copy.
With an archive, once the files are uploaded, no more changes get synced with the cloud unless if you re-upload it again. Because of that, you can delete the local copy if you're not planning on making changes to it and save disk space.

That leads to the features I can focus on like recommending old/large files that haven't been modified for a long time to either be deleted or moved to cloud storage and save disk space on the user's computer.

The fact that there are competitors is advantageous because it proves there's a market for it and I've found that it is not a very crowded market unlike Uptime monitors or Todo Apps, so I think there's space for an indie product. I don't need this to be a million dollar revenue product, and as long as it covers it's own expenses and generates some amount of revenue, I'm happy with it.