Sanj Ambalavanar


software developer. currently bootstrapping @suggestedco ⚡️

Hi everyone! We're excited to be featured on BetaList!

We built Resurface because we were producing a lot of evergreen content, which we were having to manually repost over and over again to our social media channels.

Resurface makes it super easy to reschedule posts automatically, as well combining the features of more traditional social media tools.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi folks!

I'm super excited that Makerkit has been featured on Betalist. What we're trying to do is to implement the full customer feedback cycle into one product:

- Gather feedback/feature ideas
- Publish a roadmap of what is being considered, worked on and implemented
- A changelog, so customers are aware of when new features are deployed.

Have a look at our own product dashboard -