Sammy Schuckert


UX Designer @IBMDesign, #sharingeconomy advocate, part-time #digitalnomad. CEO @thangsapp & @getlito. Podcasting: - views are my own

Hey Everybody! We are happy beeing featured by this awesome community!

As remote workers we know, waiting for replies, missing out on water cooler discussions, not knowing who is working at the moment, and finding a time to meet, are a hassle. 😩 That’s why we build Lito, a virtual office so you can feel like you're in the same room as your coworkers, even if they're remote. 🗺

Lito is an online meeting tool like, Zoom or Skype. Some people say it's TeamSpeak but for business use. The clue, the call is always on no host required. It has different rooms — called channels. Just like in a real office, you can only be available in one room at a time. We believe that stopping to message and starting to talk with each other again, lets you feel closer to your team, communicate better, and get more work done!

But enough from ourselves now. We are really eager to hear your opinion on Lito and can't wait to answer all of your questions – let’s discuss! 🙂