Ankit Sharma


You will get the latest information and news about SaaS Industry. I will keep you updated about newly launched products on different platforms.

It is Virus/Malware according to chrome, Malwarebytes and Avast. Kindly solve it
@saaswarriors Hello. It is an application written with Electron. It is safe to use and it doesn't have any malware inside. Probably those are false detection.
Version for Macos has digital code signature and has been validated by apple. Windows will get this certificate in upcoming releases.
Just joined and so fast. But Images are not working for me
@saaswarriors hi Ankit, thanks for the feedback! :)

Your issue is weird, could you submit the issue directly on our community (

We’ll make sure it never happens again.

Interesting, I was searching this type of tools for a long time. Kindly give access for it, I want to use and share with my community.
@saaswarriors Now UPDF works well on Mac, however, Windows version still needs time. Hopefully it has better user experience in July.
I submitted an email yesterday but no email received yet.
Hey @saaswarriors! Sorry for the confusion, we will be sending out invites once the beta is ready.
really awesome, I have shared it in my community
awesome tool, congrats for the launch πŸ‘Œ
after signup, it is showing "Username already exists!" for any user name
@saaswarriors Hey Ankit do check out Suprlance now. We have enabled a lot of new features with complete new design.
@saaswarriors Sorry for the inconvenience Ankit, this product is still in the build phase and hasn't yet been publicly released. If you would like to be added to our beta testers email [email protected] with any accounts you'd like added to the list of beta testers!
Great alternative to Wordpress. I have tried it, super fast and awesome UI
congrats bro, I have tried it and really works well.