Ryan Severns


@stackhawk co-founder and coo. husband. father. analytics. running. chips and salsa.

One of the co-founders of StackHawk here. Thanks for checking us out on Betalist!

We built StackHawk to help developers find, triage, and fix security bugs before they hit production. With StackHawk, you scan your running application to find bugs in the code that your team wrote (a little different from dependency vulnerability tools). Get the full details of the bug with request / response details to quickly troubleshoot and fix.

In our opinion, the current application security model is broken. Existing tools out there don't fit current workflows, don't work with automation, and aren't built for developers. We are a dev tool through and through - built to help *you* take ownership of the security of your application.

We are currently in a limited Early Access program.... you can sign up for the waitlist at stackhawk.com. Fill out our onboarding survey after signing up and mention Betalist and we'll bump you up on the list! Thanks for taking the time to read and check us out.