Roger Marx


Developer Entrepreneur

Very bad experiences with this guys before. I bought their PowerSeo suite (595usd) just to find out that the "Search Engine Algorithms" were just about to expire. So they wanted me to pay them apart from the 595 a lot of money to keep the algorithms updated. So, be careful with them, they will find a way to scam you.
@rvizcaino80 Thanks for sharing your feedback, Roger, and really sorry to hear you've been frustrated with our pricing policy. Our team works hard to build the tools and provide some unique features you can't find with other providers. This big number of features is provided at a lower cost compared with other toolkits and this is one of the top reasons many SEOs choose SEO PowerSuite. If you have any specific suggestions or questions, we'll greatly appreciate if you could share them with our team. What we can't do is make the price of the search algo updates lower, as the data we crawl, process and store is an on-going cost. Thanks again for the honest feedback - it's important for us to know if we provide good service to our clients and how/where we could improve.