Rush Mayo


Husband, Sr. Marketing & Tech Innovations Director, Digital Anthropologist, Digital Catalyst, sleepless, inventor, problem solver, politico, animal activist.

Mine will be the ultimate testing ground of your app. Running one part-time non-profit, one marketing company, a think-tank that meets only quarterly, two political activism group, 2 boards, and married to another socialite.

If you can keep all of that (plus I always include a 1 hour "Buffer" slot because something of immediate concern always happens every day) then I'd be interested in integratng the team edition with the systems we are currently developing.
@rushmayo thanks for the signup Russ, sounds like a great test case for us to get things right for - When we're ready you can count on an email from me!
Sounds like an ADHD person's nightmare and Godsend
@Moshe_Mor_ integration with IFTTT & Flow would cover pretty much every market and so so many other apps.