Rupesh Mehta


This is really interesting, never thought about it. Is there any dashboard which shows what job has been applied ? What are your target people ?
@rupesh1983 - I've been trying to just really focus on the fulfillment process so its a spreadsheet we send over. The target are people who are 5+ years in to their career (5 to 20) and just want to outsource the application part. Maybe you have a job already but you want another one or you need a job and you want more results. Let me know if you have any more feedback. I think a problem I've been trying to work out is just the back and forth for fulfillment. It is really labor intensive.
Very good idea. UI looks very decent.
Very good work Faraz.. I just downloaded.
Ok , its not working. It keep crashing :(.
Very nice concept.. i tried it, it works very well.
Amazing. Would love to connect with founders.