Software Engineer. Polyglot. Scorpio . Building @kwickboxdigital and a super simple blogging platform,

Looks interesting. I was just wondering about your marketing strategy, seeing that sending an email can easily be done by said developer. Also what is your plan regarding privacy?
@rotimi_je_suis I'm still trying to figure out a marketing strategy. Google ads were expensive and didn't work very well. I'm trying to to get some content marketing going to improve SEO, but I'm still just getting started with that and I know it can take months (or years) to really get going
Hi Wisani. Congratulations! This is a brilliant product
Great Idea. Can't wait to download the app. I have always wanted to learn Chinese :)
Great initiative! 😁😁
I love this! Great stuff :)
There is something wrong with the site.
@rotimi_je_suis Sorry about that, the site was taken down a few weeks ago but the delay in launching on beta list meant that they've accidentally published a dead site. I have requested them to change this but waiting to hear back.
Yes! I am beyond excited that my startup is being featured here on BetaList. A bit more about KwickBox.

Lure potential employers and future work partners using only your front page. The front page is the first thing every visitor sees upon arriving at your CV site. Design your front page using Markdown or the fancy WYSIWYG editor. This provides the perfect opportunity to create a long lasting impression. It is also useful to job fields which do not require the use of traditional CV's.

Send invites to trusted individuals to perform a CV review per section. This helps to improve the quality of your CV.

Announce more trust on your CV by inviting professionals, past colleagues and more to provide verified references.

Create private and public pages using either Markdown/WYSIWYG editor. Use this pages to answer additional job questions (by creating a private page that can be viewed only by your potential employer).

What also makes KwickBox special is its unique Algorithm. KwickBox provides recruiters and potential employers with the ability to enter custom search criteria. This helps to quickly find candidates without viewing their CV at all. Now recruiters and employers do not need to be bombarded with lots of CV applications anymore. KwickBox does the heavy-lifting by providing a pool of talents. For example, applicants with working experience of 2years, looking for internships, certain skills, certain certifications and more. Upon filtering, KwickBox does not display the personal information or CV of filtered candidates. It only displays the front pages. Through the front pages, employers are able to chat with candidates and request access to their CV's or setup interviews.

I recently released my platform. I'd love to hear what you think about it.
@cpipo_ Thanks for the feedback Christian! It really helps. I’ll definitely implement your suggestions for improvement.