Robert Hughes



Hey Everyone! I'm Robert, one of the co-founders of HowLikely? I'm really excited that we are launching today on BetaLiast. We've been working really hard on this product for a while now and it feels great to finally be putting it out there.

We know we're not alone in the NPS survey space - but we feel that measuring customer experience, and just as importantly, following up with that feedback, is a critical system that should be used by all small and medium businesses - just like it is in big enterprise.

The primary issue for small business is that the current solutions in the marketplace limit functionality at the lower priced tiers and impose survey sending restrictions at each tier. We believe this is an unnecessary use of price discrimination.

We offer unlimited access to all the features of HowLikely? and unlimited surveys sent per month, for a simple flat monthly fee - $99 a month (paid annually).

There's a 14 day trial - no credit card required, if you'd like to take a look under the hood. And just for BetaList users we're offering 30% off by using the code, BL30 when you signup at the end of the trial.

I'm online all day to answer any questions you have and would love it if you checked out the site and provide feedback.
@sifowler Hey Simon. Thanks for the love! We really appreciate having you as a client and I'm glad the platform is working well for you.