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@marckohlbrugge Hey Marc, sorry we didn't see this comment until now. But in case you're still wondering -- yes the issue of  dynamically managing certificates is pretty hairy and there are some stacks where solving it is slightly easier than others, but regardless it often comes at a real cost for the platform that wants to provide customers with HTTPS. That's why we built Clearalias. It simply should be a problem that can be abstracted away. Because of the current patent process, it's best not to publicly discuss "how" we do something. Thanks!
@Tian_Jiang Congrats on launching on Betalist! We took a look at your product and it appears that CerName allows customers to create custom domains to point to other SaaS businesses whereas $clearalias allows a SaaS business to provide custom domains for all their customers as a value-added part of their product.

CerName targets the end user and Clearalias targets the business with end users. The big difference is that CerName requires the end user to sign up with CerName, while Clearalias only requires the SaaS to sign up for Clearalias. We currently have thousands of sites and many supportive beta partners like @marckohlbrugge using Clearalias so we're looking to end our private beta soon and launching publicly. Feel free to connect with us at [email protected] and good luck with everything!
Thanks! Congrats to you too for your progress to date.
Actually CerNAME is fully featured SaaS provider that lets SaaS businesses easily provide custom domains for their own customers without them ever creating an account on CerNAME. That is how most of our customers use it. Our embedded integration and access to our APIs are included in our more advanced pricing plans.
I guess the main difference is therefore that we allow both businesses and end users to manage Custom Domains through our service.
Best of luck with you public launch.