Pushpendra Agrawal 🪄


Building startups for the new world. Founder @walkoverltd

I tried opening website but no success. Are you still working on it? I really see there is a need of it.

Hi Everyone👋!

Pushpendra, co-founder of Channel here.

We are excited🤩 to be featured on BetaList !

We introduce you to Channel - a team chat app👨‍💻for team conversations simple, fast & easy.

What Is Channel?

Channel is here to help teammates, businesses and communities break through the monotonous slow communication. We want you to think fast, act faster and ultimately conclude faster. Take instant decision directly via in-app calls, create channel for small discussions and dismiss it when you have answers.

Every industry need a communication tool that is ultra-rapid 🚄 and need no training to get started.
Use channel for closed internal communication with simple and beautiful UI ( such flawless, you'll never resist)

So easy to use even your grandmother can share her wisdom words! 😉

We’d love to hear your feedback🙏, and answer any questions💬 you may have! (shoot on www.intospace.io as well!)

Give your team a private and closed chat app.

Thanks for checking out!